There are so many products and not all have been uploaded so keep checking back to see what I've been working on recently.  I've got a head full of ideas and not enough time to make them all but those I do create will be shown here.



Wall Hangings

Wall hangings come in all shapes and sizes.  I don't create from patterns they are all complete original creations.  In fact it's hard for me to replicate one of my own products.

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Pot Plant Hangers

We have a large range of pot plant hangers made using different cord and different colours.  Our natural cotton cord hangers are best used indoors or in under cover areas, if they get wet too much they will start to go moldy and disintegrate.  The coloured hangers are all purpose and can be used indoors and outdoors.  We have a range of colours that can be made to suit.  Our most popular pot plant hangers are the large hangers with the glass fishbowl however we can custom make your hanger in whatever size you want and fit to your own pot.  Contact me for details on available colours.  

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Single glass ball drops

These single glass ball drops can be used as a tea light holder (battery operated) or turned into a mini terrarium.  They are suitable for indoors and come in a large range of colours made from beautiful soft cotton luxe cord. 



Decorative shelves for all occasions made using beautiful driftwood or pine.  These will make a beautiful statement piece in your home.

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Something Different

A lot of my products are a little bit different but here you will find some unusual creations that might fit perfectly in your home

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